Welcome to Yoga in 2021! Here are the course dates and timetable for this year.

Please note that SHYAM has Covid safe practices in place, including limited numbers.

  • Bring your own mat, cushion and blanket

  • use the hand sanitiser provided

  • observe social distancing

  • stay at home if you aren't well


Course Dates 2021  ~ 10 week courses

Mon 1st Feb - Fri 9th April

Mon 12th April - Fri 18th June

Mon 21st June - Fri 27th August

Mon 30th Aug - Fri 5th November

5 week courses

Mon 8th Nov - Fri 10th Dec

Drop-in classes

Restorative Yoga ~ Fridays 10.30-12 noon 

Yoga for Everybody ~ Wednesdays 9.30-11am

Gentle Yoga ~  Thursdays 10.30-12 noon

Make sure you read this!

If the course you're interested in says it's not available please contact us. The booking system is automated and once the course has started it won't let you book on. But we're flexible and can usually admit you to a course after the start date. The classes you've missed will be deducted from the fee. 

We look forward to having you at SHYAM.

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