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Pampas Grass
This short course is based on classical Nada Yoga, the branch of yoga that utilises uplifting sound vibration, mantra, and music, as yogic practice.  No experience necessary.

Each session will include:
~ some gentle stretches and movements

~ using the body and the breath to enliven and release your own sound,  your natural voice
~ the beauty of sound meditation and the singing of mantra
~ musical harmonies to cultivate a divine sound-bath experience

~ a guided deep relaxation practice, including music and imagery, to finish the session.
Shree yantra.png

Satyamo Judy Roberts is a lover of wild nature and the healing energy of the earth.  
Her many years of study and personal immersion in yoga and meditation, singing and making music, has evolved into a unique style of offerings. To find out more about Satyamo and her work, visit


'Stalking the Nada'
Explore Nada - sound vibration -
during this 6-week yoga course with Satyamo

Saturdays 10-11.30am, starting June 22nd 

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