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Spoken by Ahimsa (Helen Cushing) | 30 minutes | MP3 download

True relaxation means simultaneous relaxation of the body, mind and emotions. This is a beautiful way to feel. When you practise yoga nidra every day your nervous system changes. The relaxation pathways become stronger giving you resilience to stress, improving sleep, reducing anxiety and restoring your energy. After yoga nidra you will feel refreshed, clear-minded and calm.

The 8 stages of Satyananda Yoga Nidra gently guide you from external concerns and stimulation to your peaceful inner self. This includes making a reslove, or 'sankalpa' - this is a personal resolution that you create. It helps you strengthen the positive aspects of your personality by planting a seed deep in your mind.  Learn more about making a sankalpa here. 

Wishing you many peaceful and energising yoga nidra experiences.

Power of Relaxation: 30 Minute Satyananda Yoga Nidra

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