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By Helen Cushing (Swami Ahimsadhara Saraswati) | 215 pages

Trauma sufferers everywhere are searching for solace and solutions. Hope: How Yoga Heals the Scars of Trauma provides a powerful and innovative plan for recovery. Helen Cushing (Ahimsadhara) is a yoga teacher and writer with more than a decade of experience in teaching yoga to war veterans, refugees and others with post-traumatic stress disorder. She lectures and consults in Australia and internationally.

Hope explains how yoga heals the nervous system and helps regulate thinking, emotion and behaviour with:
- gentle yoga postures to relieve physical tension
- yoga breathing techniques for calmness and anger management
- yoga nidra, systematic relaxation for stress and insomnia
- simple meditation program for mindfulness and inner peace
- new mental attitudes for letting go of past pain
- practical lifestyle adjustments for healthy living
- 4 week yoga plan for trauma survivors.

Hope: How Yoga Heals the Scars of Trauma

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