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Cate Andrews


Divya (Dawn Ho)

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Sangita (Melissa Howden)  0400 519 323

Satyananda (Holistic) Yoga Teacher, Member Yoga Australia

Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Training

BA Eng & Phil, Dip Ed

Dip Remedial Massage

Dip Natural Nutrition

Mindfulness Teacher Training Level 3

Sangita discovered yoga in the 1980s, but it was not until 2015 that she became a yoga teacher, had a sea change, and spent the following three years living at a yoga ashram in NSW, where she became totally immersed in yoga as a lifestyle. Originally from Tasmania, she is passionate about sharing the practices of yoga and mindfulness as ways to enhance wellbeing and create a meaningful life.



Prior to teaching yoga, Sangita worked as a music teacher in schools both in Tasmania and the UK. She now enjoys blending music – particularly singing – into some of her Yoga and Mindfulness classes. She has found that combining music with mindfulness practice quite literally helps to change the soundtrack of your life.  


Yoga for Cancer Wellbeing

Sangita also loves sharing yoga and meditation for people living with cancer, as this has been part of her own journey, and has ultimately been the catalyst for positive change and personal growth in her life. These rich and informative sessions draw on Sangita's training at the Gawler Foundation.


Mountain Mindfulness

Sangita is the founder of  ‘Mountain Mindfulness’ which offers weekly classes and regular retreats in Mindfulness & Wellbeing. She believes mindfulness practices are the most effective and reliable antidote to the very real problems of stress, anxiety, sleep, chronic illness and the nonstop busyness that seem to be part and parcel of our lives now. You can find out more here:

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Cate Andrews  0407 821 938

Satyananda (Holistic) Yoga Teacher

Yoga Instructor Training in the Satyananda Tradition 
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.)
Master of Health (Research)
Post Graduate Certificate Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
Professional Certificate Pain Science and Rehabilitation

Cate discovered Satyananda Yoga when she first moved to Hobart over twenty-five years ago to work as a new graduate physiotherapist. She has been practicing yoga consistently since then under a range of Satyananda teachers and Swamis. Yoga has helped her to navigate the challenges of
working, childbearing and parenting.


Cate works as a physiotherapist in women’s health, pelvic health, continence, and persistent pain. Whilst yoga has always informed Cate’s physiotherapy practice, she has had a longstanding desire to teach yoga in the Satyananda tradition. In 2022 Cate completed her two year Satyananda Yoga teacher training through Sharing Learning Yoga.
Cate is loving sharing and teaching yoga to people of all levels and abilities.

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Divya (Dawn Ho)

Satyananda (Holistic) Yoga Teacher

Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Training
Uinversity of Tasmania student, studying languages, including Sanskrit.

Divya began her yoga journey with Sivananda Yoga in Singapore. Her attraction to karma yoga and ashram living led her to Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, where she lived from 2013 - 2019. This life-changing experience remains a significant source of nourishment for her in the present.

Divya's expressions as a yoga teacher are inspired by the eastern wisdom teachings of Bhakti or devotional yoga, Sufism and Buddhist ethics. She enjoys chanting and singing with others for the upliftment of humanity and the environment. Also inspired by the ancient scriptures and chants, Divya is currently learning classical Sanskrit.

Yoga has helped Divya overcome many obstacles in life and continues to do so in creative, exciting ways. Her wish is to share this same gift of hope and compassion with others.

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