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Yoga For Life Beyond Trauma

SHYAM's Helen Cushing (Ahimsa) is a pioneer in the use of yoga for recovery from post-traumatic stress. Helen has written a book and produced an award-winning film promoting yoga-based solutions to those facing the devastating effects of trauma. 


Helen is available for one-to-one consultations to help you use yoga for the management of post-traumatic stress disorder. Email or call to discuss. 

Ahimsa's book is full of information, stories and solutions to inspire you to use yoga to support your healing.

Hope - how yoga heals the scars of trauma

Ahimsa holds retreats in Victoria on Yoga for Life Beyond Trauma. Find out when the next one is happening and visit the Life Beyond Trauma website for more information and resources. 

Vietnam War Veteran

Yoga came along at the right time and saved my life, without any doubt. The yogic breathing is the biggest help. It stops the hypervigilance.

Middle East War Veteran

I found yoga nidra to be better than any  medication. Yoga nidra has enabled me to have a helpful, non-medicated mind.

Colombian War Victim

I was depressed. I kept thinking about dying and planning different ways to die. Thanks to God and yoga my depression no longer lasts, so I keep practising yoga.

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