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Saturday Sessions

chanting and kirtan

 Mantra Sadhana with Divya

By donation

Dates  More dates to be announced soon!

Time    10.30 - 11.30am 

Chanting in a group brings people together and creates a sense of community (sangha) and support. Together we will learn and practise a series of mantras for peace and healing.


Mantra chanting is an essential part of yoga as well as in many ancient wisdom traditions. We chant in unison for inner transformation, for all beings and the environment. A regular mantra practice (sadhana) strengthens this intention (sankalpa) and radiates it into the wider community.

Each session includes mantra chanting, some singing and a short relaxation at the end.

Yoga with Clare Raffety

Guest teacher Clare Raffety is offering yoga classes at SHYAM on the following Saturdays:

11 Feb, 11 March, 29 April, 27 May, 15 July, 26 August, 14 Oct

Clcik here to find out more and book on! 

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