Yoga for Wellbeing after Cancer

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If you have been struggling to find your feet and re-connect with life after cancer treatment (or during) then yoga can help. Did you know that almost one in two people suffer from significant mental health issues after a cancer diagnosis and treatment?  I know that I did! I just couldn’t seem to get going again. Dealing with worrying thoughts and emotions can be overwhelming, we can lose our confidence and feel at a loss about what to do next. Yoga can give you a soft place to land, pause and reflect. The techniques and ideas offered are practical and evidence-based. 


You'll experience first hand how integrating gentle yoga, mindfulness and relaxation techniques into your daily routine will support your recovery and enhance the quality of your life - physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Identifying new priorities, the problem with stress, how to really relax, tips for a good night's sleep, and the importance of emotional wellbeing and support are all important.


Three practices that make a difference


1. Gentle yoga postures: learn a simple series of joint rotations that help stimulate circulation and free the body’s natural vital energy. This series of exercises is accessible to all so don’t worry if you have never been to a yoga class before.


2.  Breathing practices to help you feel grounded and centred. They actively put you in the ‘green zone’ for healing, which means they stimulate the side of the nervous system that stimulates the relaxation response. Learn to breathe using the full capacity of your lungs - you'll nourish the body with every breath you take.


3.  Yoga Nidra: a guided relaxation practice, which you do lying on the floor or sitting in a chair. Yoga nidra is deeply restorative and allows the body to come back to its own natural balance physically, mentally and emotionally. 


These tools from yoga will help your healing process, restore joy and purpose, create calmness and peace of mind. 

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To talk with me about learning yoga to help your recovery, please don't hesitate to get in touch at: or 0400 519 323.

Satyananda (Holistic) Yoga Teacher | Member Yoga Australia

Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Training

BA Eng & Phil, Dip Ed

Dip Remedial Massage

Dip Natural Nutrition

Mindfulness Teacher Training Level 1, 2 & 3

 Sangita  loves sharing yoga and meditation for people living with cancer, as this has been part of her own journey, and has ultimately been the catalyst for positive change and personal growth in her life. These rich and informative sessions draw on Sangita's training at the Gawler Foundation.

“Being diagnosed with cancer can be a profoundly stressful experience. Yoga teaches us how to relax the body and calm the mind, and can help us find a sense of joy and purpose in life again. The practices of yoga and meditation support our wellbeing on every level - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”