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Neti is a method of gently cleansing the nasal passages with luke warm saline water. 

$40 | includes a plastic neti pot 

Simple and effective, jala neti is a traditional hatha yoga nasal cleasing technique using lukewarm saline water. Once you know how, it only takes 5 minutes. You don't need fancy, expensive salt or distilled water. There is no stinging sensation if the solution is correct. It's totally painless and you will immediately feel clearer in the head, reduce or eliminate allergies such as hayfever, prevent the build up of germs that cause colds, flu and sinusitis, remove mucus and dirt accumulation and more. It can be a life changer and is easy to make part of your morning bathroom routine. 

I've practised neti for 40 years and taught it to hundreds of students in Australia and India. The workshop will explain everything you need to know to make neti as easy as brushing your teeth. It's essential to understand how to make the solution, use the neti pot and dry out your nose.

Life is better with neti!

Yoga for Life Beyond Trauma Retreat

29 - 31 May | Victoria

with Ahimsa

Yoga offers a holistic system for healing the body and mind from post-trauma suffering, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In the healing environment of Rocklyn Yoga Ashram you will learn how simple yoga practices can be used to bring both short and long-term relief from the symptoms of extreme stress and PTSD.


Having tools to manage stressful moments in daily life is essential for confidence and recovery. Being able to relax is fundamental. Knowing how to breathe fully is life changing. Being able to observe the mind and emotions gives you power over them. Trauma can be resolved. With guidance, yoga can heal PTSD. 

No prior yoga experience is needed. The retreat is for trauma survivors. Whatever your background, you will gain an insight into the possibilities of using yoga for recovery from stress and trauma. You will also take away practical tools that bring immediate relief and you’ll know how to move forward using yoga to heal the scars of trauma. 


Ahimsa’s award-winning film, Heroes of Peace, will be shown. Her book, Hope: How Yoga Heals the Scars of Trauma is highly recommended to participants. Available here or at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram on the retreat.

Teaching Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Trauma

18-20 September | Rocklyn Ashram, Victoria

A weekend retreat for yoga teachers and professionals working with trauma survivors and others suffering from stress and anxiety. Learn the principles of how yoga supports body-mind recovery, and simple practices to rebalance the nervous system, bringing relief from debilitating symptoms.


Using a blend of theory and practice, we'll explore:

  • How traumatic events change the nervous system, impacting the body, mind and spirit;

  • Principles of using yoga to restore physical and mental health;

  • Simple yoga postures, breathing and relaxation to release tension and create calm;

  • Tools to overcome sleep problems, shift thinking patterns, calm the emotions and bring stability;

  • Mental attitudes for letting go of past pain and feeling joy in the present.


Your trainer is Ahimsa (Helen Cushing). Ahimsa has pioneered the application of yoga to trauma recovery. She teaches internationally and has published a book on the subject. Familiarity with Ahimsa's book will help you make the most of the weekend. Purchase the book here.

Find out more about Ahimsa here.

Go to Ahimsa's website on this topic 

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