Unlimited Yoga at SHYAM 


Every week

Develop flexibility, focus & relaxation


For just $40/week you can attend multiple yoga classes. You need to choose a primary class. You can attend any other classes below that level eg if you enrol in 2 | Develop Yoga, you can also attend levels 1 & 2, but not level 3. You can attend Yoga & Meditation if you are enrolled in Level 2 or 3, or choose it as your primary class if you are experienced.  

Weekly payment automated to make it easy for you

Note that there is a credit card surcharge of $1, making it $41/wk. To avoid the credit card surcharge choose pay by direct debit - you'll need to set up the automated payment and email us proof of this.

How to access your Unlimited Yoga Plan

1. Complete the Enrolment Form

2. Buy the deal in the online store or pay by direct debit to avoid the credit card surcharge of $1/wk.


Direct Debit


To avoid the credit card surcharge set up a weekly deposit of $40 into this bank acc:


Account name: South Hobart Yoga & Meditation

BSB: 633 000

Account number: 160136073

Reference: Class + your surname eg UY Watson 

Thank you!