Pranayama Training 50 hours

The course is structured around 3 weekends held 4 weeks apart, allowing time for home practice as you integrate the training into everyday life. Commitment to practice is essential and is a requirement of the course. You can only teach what you know. The sessions include tea breaks and breakfast together. Community is part of yoga - breaks are when the group relaxes and relates, forming friendships and a support network.

Why is pranayama important?

Pranayama is fundamental to hatha yoga yet is often overlooked. Yoga without pranayama is incomplete. Asanas prepare the body for pranayama practices, which in turn are a pathway to meditation. Pranayamas balance and harmonise the flows of energy (prana) and calm the mind. The breath is directly related to the nervous system. This means your whole experience of life is influenced by your breathing patterns.

Pranayama needs to be learned systematically, there is no fast-track way. It's essential to gradually build up your capacity through regular practice. That's why this course is spread over 8 weeks including 3 weekends attending classes. 


You’ll learn the theory and practice of foundation breathing and pranayama practices, plus how to instruct as part of a hatha yoga class.

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About Ahimsa, your teacher

Ahimsa has practised yoga for most of her life and has been teaching since 2003. She is a highly regarded teacher and presenter in Australia and internationally, including in yoga for trauma recovery. Ahimsa is the founder of South Hobart Yoga & Meditation and Life Beyond Trauma. Ahimsa has instructed on yogic studies and yoga teacher training courses in India and Australia. In Hobart she teaches yoga philosophy each year on the Yoga Space Teacher Training Certificate. Ahimsa also teaches on the Dimensions of Yoga and Yoga Instructor courses held at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram, Victoria.



Ahimsa is also a writer and has worked extensively in the media, including TV and print. During several years as a resident of Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) in India, Ahimsa worked in the publishing division, editing an extensive range of books, including on hatha yoga.


Yoga Books by Ahimsa

Yoga Day by Day: A Guide to Holistic Practices for Healthy Living

Hope: How Yoga Heals the Scars of Trauma

Course details


Feb 14th

Other dates TBC on consultation with students.

Who's it for?

You need to have a keen interest in practising pranayama. Yoga teachers are welcome. It will give you 50 hours additional training. 



South Hobart Yoga & Meditation

In SOHO Arts, 14 Weld St, South Hobart

Cost (includes tuition, breakfast, cuppas)

Deposit $150 - Payable by Direct Debit

Pay in full by start date $975

Weekend timetable
Friday nights 6-9pm (includes refreshments)

Saturdays and Sundays 6.30am – 1.30pm (includes breakfast & morning tea)


Sat and Sun 6.30am-1.30pm: 

6.30-8.00 neti and yoga class

8.00-8.30 breakfast

8.30-10.30 theory and prac

10.30-11.00 break

11.00-1.00 theory and prac

1.00-1.30 yoga nidra

Close for the day.

Homework includes home practice at least 4 times/week plus once a week home prac report submission. We'll do teaching planning and prac in class during the second and third weekends. You’ll practice teaching what you learned last time, plus advance your own practice.