Summer Yoga  7th - 31st  Jan 2020


2 free classes & a free yoga book when you buy a Class Pass for $84

or $22/class 

General Yoga

Tues & Thurs 6-7.30pm; Wed 9.30-11am



Tues 7.45-8.45pm


Gentle Yoga 

Thurs 10.30-12 noon                          


Holistic Yoga Courses

Weekly Timetable from

3rd Feb 2020 


For $30/week you can come to multiple yoga classes.  

Just enrol in a holistic yoga course and you can attend as many other classes of your level or below as you like, plus the General and Gentle drop-in class.


Your recurring payment will be set up when you purchase through the store.

Just $30/week for  lots of yoga

These are our core yoga courses: Beginners, Progessive and In-depth. Holistic yoga is a synthesis of yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Classes are fully guided and traditionally structured. Each class is unique, suiting the needs of the students.

The courses run back-to-back and offer the opportunity for systematic progression from beginners through to advanced. 









Fees (incl. GST)  

Concession: full time student, health care card or pensioner (not Senior's Card)

  • $30/week for multiple classes when you enroll in a course - a recurring payment is set up when you buy from the online store.


  • 5 weeks   | $110 full / $100 conc.   Meditation courses  | $ 100 

  • One-off attendance in a course | $25/class only if there's room!

  • General, gentle & cancer drop-in classes $22/$20 conc.

  • 5 + 1 class pass $100 for drop-in classes from Oct to Dec 2019

Beginners 10 weeks

Tuesdays 5:45-7:15pm Ahimsa

Wednesdays 7:30- 9:00pm Ahimsa
Fridays 9:30-11am Ahimsa
Progressive 10 weeks
Thursdays 5:45-7:15pm  Sangita
In-depth 10 weeks
Wednesdays 5:45-7:15pm Ahimsa
Intro to Meditation 5 weeks
Thurs 7.30-8.30  Sangita    Body Stillness Meditation
Developing Meditation 10 weeks 
Tues 7.30-8.30 Ahimsa  
Yoga for Cancer 
Wed 2.30-4.00 Sangita 
Gentle Yoga
Thursdays 10.30-12 noon
General Yoga  Ahimsa
Wednesdays 9.30-11.00am


                                                  Ahimsa offers yoga consultations                                                    for general and specialised needs.                                                   She has particular expertise in                                                        yoga for trauma recovery. You                                                   might want help with:

  • working out a routine to do at home

  • recovery from trauma, including PTSD.

Please contact Ahimsa to discuss and make an appointment.

   Course dates 2020
   for Beginners | Progressive | In-depth| Meditation
  • 10 weeks | week starting 3 Feb - 9 April; 14 April - 19 June;         22 June - 28 August; 1 Sept - 6 Nov

  •  6 weeks | week starting  9 Nov - 18 Dec


Useful Info / FAQ

SOHO Arts,

14 Weld St, South Hobart

On-site parking 

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What you need

All yoga equipment is provided. Simply wear loose or stretchy clothing that is comfortable and allows free movement. You may like to bring your own meditation shawl and a water bottle.

Your health

All students complete a health questionnaire at the time of enrolment. This ensures that the teacher knows of any conditions, such as high blood pressure, that contraindicate certain practices. Please discuss particular health needs, or changes to your health, with your teacher.

Before class

Avoid eating for at least 2 hours prior to practising yoga.

Public Holidays

Classes are held on public holidays excepting during Easter. 

Missed classes

Fees are not transferable. Missed classes can be made up by attending an extra session during the same term, space permitting. 

Concession cards

Eligible concessions include full time students, health care card holders and pensioners. Senior's Card not accepted.


Prices include GST.


Class Descriptions

Holistic Yoga 
 Holistic yoga is a synthesis of yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation.
Classes are fully guided. Each class is unique, suiting students needs.
Beginners Yoga with Ahimsa
A systematic introduction to the fundamental practices: postures, breathing, relaxation.

Progressive Yoga with Melissa

Assumes knowledge of the basics. The sequence, Salute to the Sun is taught,
classical yogic pranayamas are developed; meditation is introduced.

In-depth Yoga with Ahimsa

For experienced students who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga with stronger asanas, more advanced pranayamas and longer meditations as we delve into the esoteric side of yoga. Each course is based around a theme such as the chakras, a meditation technique or a focus on an aspect of health, to name just a few of the many topics explored.


Meditation is fundamental to yoga. It is a means of accessing your inner dimension, a part of you that is often lost in the turbulence of daily life. In the relaxed, focussed state of meditation, your relationship with your mind changes as you gradually become clearer, calmer and more balanced. It's important to learn meditation properly from an experienced teacher in a systematic way. Sessions include theory, preparatory yogic stretching and breathing plus meditation. Introduction to Meditation covers the basics for a simple practice. Developing Meditation with Ahimsa is for those who have completed the Intro course. Each course is based on a particular yogic meditation.

Yoga for Cancer with Sangita (Melissa)

Nurturing, healing, and informative this 8-class series will give you tools from yoga to help your healing process, restore joy and purpose, create calmness and peace of mind.

Gentle Yoga

Suitable for people of all abilities, including seniors, experience gentle practices to help with strength, flexibility, and balance. There will be guided relaxation and an introduction to simple breathing techniques.

General Yoga

A holistic class suitable for everyone. Includes asanas, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation.


Components of a holistic yoga class


Asana |

Yoga Postures

Our holistic yoga classes begin with yoga postures, known as asanas. These are not intended as a workout, but as a way of using physical positions to integrate your body, breath and mind. The effect is calming, energising and grounding. 


Asanas help you develop muscular strength and flexibility, improve posture and balance, and calm your mind. They have a positive effect on your nervous, immune, digestive and hormonal systems.


Practised with subtle awareness, the simplest asanas bring peaceful equilibrium to your body and mind.

Pranayama |

Breathing Techniques

The way you breathe profoundly affects your state of mind and feeling, as well as your physical health. Due to the influence of the breath on wellbeing, each yoga class has a breathing segment.


Learn to observe your breathing patterns and techniques such as abdominal breathing, full yogic breath and classical pranayamas. Breath practices work on your nervous system, enhancing energy and creating feelings of harmony and calmness.

Yoga Nidra |

Systematic Deep Relaxation

Relaxation is a physiological state that leaves you feeling refreshed and energised. Relaxation is possible for everyone but it generally needs to be learned rather than coming naturally. This is especially true if you are often stressed and the body gets used to fight or flight mode.


Yoga nidra is a guided technique that trains your body and mind to deeply relax. Many people, including those who have had great difficulty with rest, sleep and relaxation find that yoga nidra leaves them feeling deeply calm and peaceful, helping with stress management, anxiety and overcoming insomnia.


Meditation is not ‘emptying the mind’ or trying to control it. Instead, the techniques you'll learn at SHYAM help you learn about and manage your own mind.


For example, developing the ability to witness your thoughts and feelings in a steady physical and mental state enables you to observe the activity of the mind objectively. This gradually allows you come to terms with your mind’s activities, even when it is painful or hard, helping you not to be afraid of what is going on in your own mind.


Meditation brings greater self-understanding, reduces tension and increases clarity of thinking. It is a pathway to inner peace.

We acknowledge the palawa people as the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of lutruwita (Tasmania).
We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging

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