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Neti is a traditional hatha yoga practice for cleansing the nasal passages using warm saline water. Neti reduces respiratory infections, allergies including hayfever, creates a delightful feeling of brightness and facilitates yogic breathing, pranayama and meditation.


By the way, those metal things in the picture are tongue scrapers - ask about them! 

Neti Nasal Cleansing pot

  • Neti is saltwater nasal cleansing. It reduces hayfever, sinus and respiratory infections and makes you feel clear headed and bright. You need to know how to do it - the right solution of salt, how to pour it and how to dry out your nostrils so there's no leakage later on! Contact SHYAM to make a time 

    The metal things in the picture are tongue scrapers. You use them first thing in the morning to scrape the gunk off your tongue. They cost $10 (:

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