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For just $40/week you can attend multiple yoga classes. There's a $1 surcharge if you pay by credit card. 

You need to choose a primary class to be enrolled in. You can attend any other classes below that level eg if you enrol in 3 | Progressive Yoga, you can also attend levels 1 & 2, but not level 4.


Your recurring payment will be set up for the duration of the courses. This is usually 10 weeks, but sometimes less.  

If you haven't enrolled, click through now.

$40+$1 per week unlimited yoga!

  • As you know, businesses pay credit card fees which are passed on to customers, either directly or indirectly. The surcharge for this item is $1, making the payment $31. If you want to avoid this, you can pay by direct debit - cancel this payment and return to the enrollment page at this link - you'll find the bank details there. Thank you!