South Hobart Yoga

& Meditation​​​


SHYAM is a community-focussed yoga studio providing a range of classes, workshops and activities based around the culture of yoga. Yoga encourages a creative, conscious approach to life based on a foundation of physical and mental wellbeing.  

SHYAM is about authentic, holistic yoga – for the body, mind, emotions, psyche and spirit.

Practicing asanas in the beauiful SHYAM yoga studio

SHYAM founder, Helen Cushing, also known as Ahimsa, is an internationally renowned yoga teacher and presenter, including in yoga for trauma recovery. SHYAM believes in meeting the needs of our community in all its diversity. SHYAM's team of highly trained teachers have a range of skills, interests and personalities - meet them now on the teachers page!


People of all ages and levels of fitness or flexibility are welcome at SHYAM. Most teachers are trained in Satyananda Yoga - each class blends postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation, from beginners to experienced.


SHYAM also offers general and specialised yoga classes, seminars, workshops, retreats and one-to-one consultations. 


Holistic Yoga at SHYAM

Yoga is about learning to be strong, flexible and healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives you practical tools to manage life, enhancing positivity, overall wellbeing and potential. Yoga is concerned with the human spirit, the subtle part of each person that that is a wellspring of inspiration, positivity and resilience.


The holistic yoga we teach at SHYAM provides the tools to help you accomplish these goals by integrating methods and ideas from the various branches of yoga, such as hatha, raja, jnana and kundalini. 


Satyananda Yoga was founded by Swami Satyananda (1923-2009) in India in the 1960s. In his quest to "spread yoga from shore to shore and door to door", a modernised, integral yoga emerged from his profound understanding of the various classical yoga traditions, based on the spiritual culture of the Vedas and Tantras. Today thousands of teachers around the world provide this holistic form of yoga to people from all walks of life. At Bihar School of Yoga, India, the tradition continues under the guidance of Swami Satyananda’s successor, Swami Niranjan. Ahimsa has lived at Bihar School of Yoga, training directly with Swami Niranjan.

The meaning of Shyam in India

Shyam is a name for Krishna, one of India's most beloved deities, who revealed his great yoga teachings in the famous text, the Bhagavad Gita . Krishna is a playful and miraculous child who grows up to be a great statesman and hero. His story is told in the Mahabharata, India's great epic in which the the Bhagavad Gita is revealed. 

SHYAM's yoga room in a beautiul heritage sandstone building.

Where is SHYAM? 

SHYAM students love our yoga room - it's in an historic sandstone building that has always been a place for education and community. Built as the original South Hobart Primary School, later it was for Adult Education programs, including yoga. In 2017 it re-opened as SOHO Arts, providing much-needed facilities for the arts, culture and community activities.

Conveniently situated on the corner of Weld and Macquarie Streets, with onsite parking, it has a peaceful and gracious atmosphere, perfect for yoga and meditation. Find out more at the centre's website www.soholivingarts.org

We're into eco-friendly, top quality yoga equipment

Eco friendly yoga mats made from jute and rubber. Alpaca blankets from Ecuador.

Yoga Mats


Most yoga mats are cheap and nasty PVC. Sustainability is a key value at SHYAM and lots of research and trialing went into choosing the yoga mats. We finally decided on Second Earth mats, made by an Australian company from 100% natural rubber and jute. Not only are they ethical, they are great for doing yoga on - firm, lightly textured, thick and with the right vibe! 

Here's what the Second Earth website says: 

"At Second Earth we don't just make the best, non-slip yoga mat in Australia. We make a commitment to the planet with each and every mat we produce. 100% natural rubber and jute, 100% sustainability, 100% eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic, ethically sourced material, amazing durability, carbon neutral delivery. These are just some of the reasons you can feel good about buying (and why we love producing) the best eco yoga mat in Australia." Find out more at www.secondearth.com.au

War vets and meditation stools - a local story

SHYAM's meditation stools are also worth a mention. They're handmade in Hobart by the war veterans that Ahimsa teaches yoga to every week. The war vets have a workshop where they get together and help each other learn woodworking skills. 

Alpaca blankets anyone?

Yes, we have them! Not local this time, but bought directly from an indigenous village in Ecuador that Ahimsa visits from time to time.... Exquisitely light, soft and warm, another reason students look forward to yoga nidra at SHYAM (:.