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Holistic Yoga
Holistic yoga classes include yoga postures, breathing practices, guided yoga nidra relaxation and sometimes meditation. All the practices are fully instructed and you are encouraged to practice with awareness so that you can let go of all the other things on your mind. Options are given to suit different levels of ability. Every class is planned by the teacher to suit the needs of the group.  
Beginners Yoga with Ahimsa
Beginners offers a systematic introduction to the fundamental practices of holistic yoga: postures, breathing and relaxation.

Progressive Yoga with Melissa

Progressive assumes knowledge of the basics. The dynamic sequence, Salute to the Sun is taught, classical yogic pranayamas are developed and meditation is introduced.

In-depth Yoga with Ahimsa

In-depth is for experienced students who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga with stronger asanas, more advanced pranayamas and longer meditations as we delve into the esoteric side of yoga. Each course is based around a theme such as the chakras, a meditation technique or a focus on an aspect of health, to name just a few of the many topics explored.

Meditation with Ahimsa and  Melissa

Meditation is fundamental to yoga. It is a means of accessing your inner dimension, a part of you that is often lost in the turbulence of daily life. When the inner world is ignored, it becomes dysfunctional. In the relaxed, focussed state of meditation, your relationship with your mind changes. Gradually you become mentally clearer, calmer and more balanced. It is important to learn meditation properly from an experienced teacher in a systematic way. The sessions will include theory, some preparatory yogic stretching and breathing and a meditation. Introduction to Meditation covers the basics for a simple practice. It is good preparation for the Developing Meditation with Ahimsa, which focuses on a different method each term. These traditional meditations draw on the rich, esoteric culture of Indian mysticism. Courses will include mantra, pranic channels, chakras, trataka and more.


Gentle Yoga with Ahimsa and  Gwendal

Experience the therapeutic benefits of simple yoga, calm breathing and deep relaxation. Includes joint mobilisation, easy spinal stretching, gentle strengthening, balance improvement, foundation breathing practices and yoga nidra relaxation.

We acknowledge the palawa people as the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of lutruwita (Tasmania).
We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging

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