Class Descriptions 

Holistic Yoga
SHYAM's holistic yoga classes include yoga postures, breathing practices, guided yoga nidra relaxation and sometimes meditation. All the practices are fully instructed and you are encouraged to practice with awareness so that you can let go of all the other things on your mind. Options are given to suit different levels of ability. Every class is planned by the teacher to suit the needs of the group.  

Unlimited yoga | regular practice for flexibility, focus & relaxation





For just $40/week you can attend multiple yoga classes.

  • You need to choose a primary class.

  • You can attend any other classes below that level eg if you enrol in 3 | Progressive Yoga, you can also attend levels 1 & 2, but not level 4.

  • Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga for Cancer courses are not included in this package. 

1 | Foundation Yoga | for those who enjoy simplicity of practice


5:45 - 7.15pm

with Sangita


7.30- 9.00pm

with Ahimsa

No experience necessary. You’ll learn how to use simple yoga to:

  • maintain spine and joint health

  • improve flexibility reduce physical and mental tensions

  • develop greater resilience to stress with breathing techniques

  • relax deeply.

2 | Develop Yoga | develop your practice and learn meditation


5.45 - 7.15pm

with Ahimsa  

Some experience necessary. In this course you'll:

  • build on the foundation yoga course, going to the next level of practice 

  • learn Salute to the Sun flow sequence & classical yoga postures

  • learn the next stages of breathing/pranayama

  • learn simple meditation

3 | Yoga In-depth | explore yogic themes for higher consciousness


5:45 - 7.15pm

with Ahimsa

For experienced practitioners with knowledge of hatha yoga asanas, classical pranayamas, mudras, bandhas, yoga nidra and meditation. Knowledge of these practices is asssumed so that we can delve into the esoteric and spiritual dimensions of the yogic tradition.

Each course will focus on a different theme, such as the chakras, koshas, gunas, raja yoga, classical hatha, tattwas etc.

Take your yoga practice to a higher level with Swami Ahimsadhara.

 Yoga & Meditation | deepen your experience | body, mind, spirit


5.45 - 7.15pm

with Leela

Hatha yoga is traditionally seen as a pathway to meditation. You need to have some experience, such as completion of SHYAM's Foundation Yoga course.

In this class you will:

  • experience ease of meditating following a session of hatha yoga.

  • follow a theme and learn more advanced techniques of hatha yoga.

  • develop your understanding and practice of raja yoga e.g. meditation. 

  • experience Yoga nidra at a deeper level.

  • meditations will be extended and different types will be explored. 

Gentle Yoga | for all stages, ages and abilities


10:30am - 12pm

 with Sangita

Experience the therapeutic benefits of simple yoga, calm breathing and deep relaxation. Includes:

  • joint mobilisation

  • easy spinal stretching

  • gentle strengthening

  • balance improvement 

  • foundation breathing practices 

  • yoga nidra relaxation.

Yoga for Everybody | general yoga class


9:30 - 11am

with Ahimsa

Integrate body, mind and breath in this comprehensive class. You'll leave feeling light, clear and calm. Includes:

  • clear instructions

  • yoga asanas (postures) with options for different levels

  • yogic breathing and pranayama

  • yoga nidra deep relaxation

  • meditation